Male Strippers Cork

Male Strippers Cork: Rebels with a Cause

Long live the Republic of fun and parties. For our  Male  Strippers Cork offers an opportunity to showcase their talent to the Rebel County and beyond. To our surprise we found out that the ladies from the wild West Cork countryside wanted a male stripper performance their favourite local. This was after the sold out stage show in the Bodega . Not only the DAWG charity is a noble cause to strip for, but the ladies of Cork have the habit of looking at us straight in the eye. This is the attitude Male Strippers Cork have on stage and when walking confidently down the English Market.

Male Strippers? Yes and Proud of!

Cork Adopted ?  With pleasure!

Book our Male Strippers Cork to discover how much of a rebel is the rebel in you.

Hen Parties, Birthday Parties and all other occasions covered; from Carrigaline to the top of St. Patrick’s Hill.

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