Male Strippers Athlone

Male Strippers Athlone: Lake Cruises with the Full Monty Captain

Male Strippers Athlone is not strip show. It is a life experience. It will make sense as you watch the sunrise overlooking Lough Ree. The Hodson  Bay Hotel will open its doors for the fleet of Hens. Then you will get on a cruise to enjoy the scenery of Co. Westmeath. The River Boats can take you from the Marina to all the hidden spot bustling with natural beauty. Then from the Booze Cruise to the busy streets that smell of perfume and ale. You know that the real party is on, when you see the Male Strippers Athlone has been hiding in its vaults.

These are the captains of your ships ready to sail on this Hen Party merry go around. The level of performance will determine how much better the night can be. Do you want to trust your ship in the hands of an experienced skipper? Then call us. When it comes to Male Strippers Athlone is the place where your dreams come true.

Book our Male Strippers to see Athlone under a different light and notice a smile blooming on your lips.

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