Killarney Male Strippers

Killarney Male Strippers: The unofficial guide of The Ring of Kerry

Stunning Sunsets. Best Music Scene. Liveliest Pubs. The Male Strippers will bring you around if you want. How about a Party Bus for the Ring of Kerry. With the best Killarney Male strippers in nothing but a skimpy apron…and a bow tie. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the Kingdom. A bottle of bubbly in one hand and the muscles of the very best performers in the other. A Hen Party that your friends might want to replicate but it will never be the same. Our performances in Killarney can be found bringing up the temperature in the McSorley’s Nightclub  or other venues that have difficulties paying the gas bill.

“Throw another log in the Fire?” Nope….the Killarney Male Strippers are here!

The Killarney Male Strippers will give you a Full Monty you will remember for a full month. Every day, breakfast lunch and dinner. We make hens look forward to the next hen party. If you want to combine mountains, lakes, forests and waterfalls …with the hottest men that Killarney has seen pick up that phone and give us a buzz.

The Killarney Male strippers will take you to a tour of the Ring of Sensations.

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