The tale of two titties: Female Strippers in Ireland

Irish Female Strippers: Secretive and Proud 

Ireland is a conservative country. This is old news. Female Strippers in Ireland …yes we have them, they say. But try asking the normal Irish bar-fly about it where to get the best Strip shows.

Forget it !

The same topic in Italy or France would lead a brilliant night out or in … with strippers and wine. Obviously that’s not the case in Dublin. It is reasonable to chit chat about it in a low voice with your friends. And that’s about it. Unreasonable to have this chat with your colleagues over lunch. Or your mother. Or your baker, butcher, tailor and anybody who looks down on the exotic arts.

And the Angelus in Ireland always rings on time

Luckily for the open minded silent majority, a combination of the latest church scandals and the modern lifestyle with Tinder Sleepovers and Snapchat dickpicks have turned the tables for good. It all started with the arrival of the Celtic Tiger. The big names in the Striptease Industry like Stringfellows decided to hit the Dublin. And some of them closed doors in a few months time.

Angry residents, high prices, scary bouncers. The reasons for the closures were many. Actually the same angry residents would have no problem hiring a female stripper. As a matter fact, in the last 2 years or so, the Strip Clubs again are popping up all over Ireland. The years of the recession meant that a great number of Irish Female Strippers went to the likes of Benidorm and Marbella for the big lights and the bigger paychecks. But as the cranes returned to the Irish skyline so did the female strippers return to the Irish Party scene.

Irish Stripograms: Private and explosive 

“The heart of the Irish Stripper Scene is hidden in the corners of private function rooms” Say The Angels of Sin, a Dublin based troupe of female strippers that know Ireland like the back of their hand.

“The clubs are too serious … and expensive”. It is the Christmas parties that need their sexy Miss Claus,the Stag parties that need a policewoman… you get the drift”. The classic Vegas stripogramm in a Stag Party would have a motorboat and a fully nude show in the mix. And the cheering lads. And phones off. Most female strippers in Ireland would demand a “no photos” policy.

Ireland made the news when the results of a survey on breast sizes put the small country on the 4th place of the boobie marathon. And the female strippers in Ireland are no exception. So for all the jug huggers Ireland is a paradise.

Irish Style Female Strippers: Craic agus fully nude show 

Initially, almost all the performers – the official term for them is, indeed, exotic performers – started as go-go dancers. Then they had a go at the good old pole. Up the pole, down the pole. Most Female Strippers in Ireland are proficient in the acrobatics involved on stage.  And it’s not only the female strippers that rock the stage with their pole dancing sexy routines. This exotic activity is also a recognised form of sport, and it might make it in the Olympics soon. Ireland hold it’s own Pole Dancing Championships, but most female strippers have no interest. A good few would actually teach the sportswomen how to slide with charm and style on that unique implement of naughtiness.

The stripper scene in Ireland is fun based. Dublin is not Vegas, where the shows leave the audience with a constant erection. Nononono… Because in Ireland the name of the game is funny humiliation. The Angels confirm that the favourite costume remains the Policewoman. For some reason the NYPD uniform paired with handcuffs and some kind spanking is what sets a stag night on fire. While in Marbella the female strippers will have to put on shows that borderline porn, the female strippers in Ireland know how to get the lads holding their ribs in laughter at the expense of their best friend. In any case the obligatory fully nude show doesn’t go to waste.

And the Angelus rings on time. A bit like the bell that calls for the female strippers on stage.

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