Male Strip Shows Tour 2017-2018: Hunks of Desire

Male Strip Shows Explosion

So the Hunks of Desire ™ took it easy. Or so you think. After the success of the Male Strip Shows in Midleton , Co. Cork and Newcastle West, Co Limerick,  the Hunks went back to the rehearsal room. There were moment of tension, moments of anger and moments of joy. But under the guidance of a seasoned choreographer and artistic director the Male Strippers in this prime gang of performers , came out victorious.

The crew is now ready to go on tour. The Hunks of Desire offer an amazing repertoire of custom designed shows, choreographed and executed with surgical precision. Yes, The Hunks of Desire will cut through the emotional status of any lady that has an open mind and a warm ….heart.

The Hunks of Desire ™ Male Strip Show: Clones , Monaghan 

The Hunks will be in the Creighton Hotel , Clones on 1 Dec at 9 pm .  This is a fully blown event for the ladies of Monaghan. Prosecco, Finger Food, and The Hunks in Sexy Santa costumes. This is a new adventure in the history of male strip shows. A Male Strip Show where the ladies of the town will relax and have a laugh before the Christmas madness.  The Creighton Hotel is a well established venue in Co Monaghan. They are a central part of the social life of Clones and the wider Monaghan area. A beautiful hotel situated in the heart of the lush countryside of Ulster that will make sure that the Christmas celebrations have a unique flavor this year. What will this Santy have in his sack?

Expect the unexpected, but in any case this will be a Full Monty affair. Don’t be afraid, the Hunks will be gentle and kind.

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The Hunks of Desire ™ Male Strip Show: Sloverotika 2017

The Male Strippers love male strip shows where there is a display of naughtiness in formation. Sloverotika is a celebration of hedonism and sensuality. Let’s say the Hunks of Desire are among the tamest acts.

Sloverotika 2017 is happening 1-3 Dec in Celje, Slovenia. This year this festival of body heat and fast heart beats celebrates it’s 10th birthday. The Hunks of Desire are helping these fantastic show organisers to throw the best ever birthday party. One of the most important erotika events in Europe, Sloverotika will make you forget your worries and feel alive with passion again , and again and again.

The Hunks will perform their Full Monty, carefully choreographed acts in the company of other European and international stars in the world of Male Strip Shows, and live acts.

The Hunks of Desire ™: Women’s Little Christmas, Limerick, Dolan’s Warehouse 6 Jan 18

Dolan’s Warehouse is without a doubt the best venue to enjoy a live gig. The spacious and sound perfect venue of Dolan’s Warehouse will be the home away from home for the Hunks of Desire on the 6th of January. They will put up their Full Monty show, filled with sexy acrobatics and suspense.

The Women’s Little Christmas is an ancient Irish tradition that is alive and well in Munster. The Hunks of Desire will take to the stage of Dolan’s on the 6th of January 2018 at 9 pm.

Male Strip shows are always a good opportunity for carefree revelling and a good few selfies with the lads. The Hunks will make sure that the ladies of Limerick and Munster will have a fantastic time and will entertain them until midnight.  Afterwards they all turn into pumpkins 🙂


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