Hen Party Fun: Ts&Cs apply

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The Hen Parties in Ireland were always part of that celebratory ritual that reached its peak with the wedding itself. Indeed the Hen Party Weekend gives the opportunity to all the single ( and double ) ladies to pamper the Bride-to-be and behave like teenagers.  On the other hand the drive for fun and fanfare, provides vital funds for Hen Party Hubs all over Ireland. First and foremost, hotels, B&Bs, bars and restaurants are grateful for the number of high heels that walk their establishments. Then we have the one thousand and one activities that the hens squeeze into their tight schedules. Each and ever one of them means income for businesses. A simple farm can turn into a petting zoo, where the ladies get to pet rabbits, feed ducks and take pictures of the bride with goats. The sky is the limit when it comes to hen party ideas.

Well not anymore. It seems that lately the big Hen Party organisers have already decided on what is meant to be trending in the Hen Party scene. Don’t get me wrong, male strippers are grateful for all the hard work that hen party organisers put into making a hen party weekend as unforgettable as possible. It is in our interest to bring our mantastic shows to happy hens that have their weekend well planned out.  At the same time we feel that sharing our experiences with our public can only help them have a good time. It will also give some honest feedback to organisers that might not be aware that they they are slowly taking the Party out of the Hen Party. 

7 Top activities that are damn right daft

Slumber or Pajama Party

Not that staying in for one of the nights for your Hen Weekend is a bad idea. It can provide time for the group to gel together, and keep the bar tab under control. But to package it as an activity and charge a hefty 20 to 30 yoyos per head is a bit on the wild side. What can a company offer that the girls can’t do themselves? Decorations, Wii, board games? If they added a Buff Butler in the mix, one would understand the fees. But just a hotel room with cushions and games is not the ideal set-up for the party. And then the pajama bit… Most of girls don’t really know each other. Making them wearing pajamas on their first night as group is a bit awkward.

So if you want to have a night in and spin the bottle, then just stay in and bring a bottle with you. It is that simple. Then invite a male stripper as a surprise for the bride-to-be. We can guarantee you that it will cost much less than the pre-packed version of the Pajama Party. 

Treasure Hunt: Lost in a building site

The idea of organising a treasure hunt for a Hen Party is not a bad option. But it is not original. Let me think….Easter and egg hunt pop to mind. If the treasure hunt itself is held in an interesting setup such as an old mansion or castle, then it is worth the extra bobs. But if your Hen Party organiser huddles 15 or so ladies in a run down house in Carrick on Shannon and all you do is search behind the couches of the 4 rooms of a construction site  for the afternoon, then you are better off going for a walk.  Fresh air and the promise of a cosy country pub can be the real treasure .

Bubble soccer

Soccer is not very high on the agenda of the Hen Party. Bubble soccer is ideal for those hens that love goofing around. Ok. So you arrive in a soccer pitch, you get an orb around you and start passing the ball in the most uncomfortable way imaginable. What could go wrong?

First of all most of the players will need to master walking first. Running with a balloon around one’s waist means that you will fall over almost every time you take a step. While it is fun for the first 5 minutes you will find it quite repetitive and will be praying that the other girls bail out first. Make sure to bring a change of clothes as the orbs have a sauna effect. 

Decoupage Class: Hen Party creche

Also know as arts and crafts for adults. Actually you can make beautiful items and give life to old vases and furniture. But hang on a second… You are on a hen party. So lets focus on what is important. Do you really think that spending two hours to redecorate something that will end up in the bin of the hotel is worth the money? 

The Trip to the Farm: Hens meeting hens

What about Parklife? It is beyond me why the Hen Parties include a trip to the farm. I mean, if you ask any farmer if you can have a look at the stables and roll in the hay for a few minutes they would have no problem letting you in for free. City people petting the lambs is a great spectacle for the country people. And also a good way of finding out where that leg of lamb you are having for Christmas is coming from. Seriously though, if you are going for nature activities, there are plenty of woods and rivers to explore all over Ireland. Spending an afternoon tormenting farm animals and getting your wellies dirty is not the best of them.

The Cube …. Jesus wept

Since TV3 came up with the Cube, there is no event that hasn’t tried to copy it. Cube Charity Fundraisers, Cube Stag Parties and Hen Parties, they are all at it. The thing is that TV3 spent a few million on the setup and organisation of the game. Here size does matter. Sadly, as in most cases with replicas,  the set up that the home made Cube offers reminds me of a GP’s waiting room.  Add the obligatory bubbly to it and you have a Hen Party activity.

Glamping : Weatherproof Hen Party 

I am leaving Glamping for last as it can be a very interesting activity. Cosy big tents and fancy stoves burning in a corner. Add to that vintage china sets and 20 or so comfortable cushions and you are on to a winner. Well, in the brief Irish summer yes. On the other hand such activities are very much weather dependent. What happens if it starts pouring from the heavens? Simply, you abandon your tent and move to the closest hotel or B&B. What happens if the closest pub is 20 miles away? And the only taxi company in the area is booked out with a wedding or a funeral? The image of the Hen Party huddled together near the stove and well hidden under the covers will stay with the Bride-to-be forever. 

Needless to say, any activities that a Hen Party decides to take on, need to fit the profile of the group. Thus, there is no point in booking nature based activities when the Hen Party has a majority of office workers that would order a takeaway from the chipper next door to them. Or order a male stripper for a Bride-to-be that doesn’t miss a mass. The question remains. Why on earth Hen Party organisers keep coming up with activities that mean to surprise the Hens but instead make them go for that bottle of Tequila a good few hours earlier than planned.  Oh and for strippers….all we can say is give Mick a chance 🙂

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