Why male strippers will make your Mother’s Day

Mother’s day: The male strippers perspective

When it comes to Mother’s Day, male strippers are experts in psychology. Naturally getting a Full Monty is not the first thing that pops to mind, when choosing a present for your mother. But if you think that a stripper on mother’s day is a bit on the weird side, you should read Freud.

Freud was the guy that wrote some really messed up stuff about your mother. According to this Austrian shrink, we are all in love with our mothers…like really in love. We just don’t know about it. Actually, this desire is kept well under wraps, in our subconscious. Whatever ! At the end of the day we care deeply about our mothers and we don”t really care about what 19th century psychoanalysts with time on their hands really say.

All over the world, we find some type of celebrations that bring together, mothers and their families. In Ireland it is the 4th Sunday of Lent. A weird way to calculate a celebration. Which means that for male strippers Mother’s day events are on a different date every year. But it is always a Sunday, which makes things easier when it comes to getting around the city. Traffic is light, the moods are delightful and some naughty mothers enjoy a Full Monty somewhere in Ireland.

Why should you get a male stripper for Mother’s Day

Best ever Ladies’ Night

You get male strippers for Hen Parties, male strippers for Birthday parties, male strippers for divorce parties and ladies’ nights. Mother’s Day Strippers are just part of the recipe for a great night out with your special Ladies. Just get a hunk that knows what he is doing. It is meant to be a present of a stripogram  not a present of a clown show.

Because your mother deserves a naughty present

Every now and then, it is a good idea to shock your mother. In a good way. Think of it as a payback for all those times she got you up early for school.  Or the times she embarrassed you in front of your new girlfriend. We are sure she will get your sense of humour.

It is a great pass time for you and your siblings

The best part of getting a stripper for your ma’ on mother’s day is the planning. You can organise the whole surprise and get the family involved. Aunties and sisters can be a great help. And don’t leave out the granny. She can offer some great advise on how best to embarrass her daughter. Then you can always make jokes about the time that you plotted together to get mum a stripper.

Male strippers are back in fashion

After all your female family members have had a full monty for their 18th and 21st Birthdays, why not one for Mother’s day. You just have to have that special Instagram photo. You know the one where a sexy male stripper is carrying off your mother in his arms.

Because flowers and chocolates become boring after a while

Yes, routine is a joy killer. Unless the bouquet of flowers comes with a sexy topless waiter. Behind every male stripper performance there is an element of surprise and a good dash of naughtiness. When it comes to mother’s day, the surprise is 80% and the naughty part 20%. Most performers are respectful and adjust their tricks of the trade according to the age and style of the audience.

Just to make your aunties jealous

In Irish families the rivalry among sisters is well known. So, one way to make your mother’s sisters jealous is to get her a stripogram for mother’s day

Just because your mother is really cool

If you want to tell your mother that you really dig her style, get her a stripogram. No, really. Being open minded and independent is hard to achieve. The previous generation of women had to work really hard to stand out from the crowd. Think off it this way. Most of our mothers would be in their early sixties. And living in Ireland in the 60s and 70s was not a walk in the park. With the conservative values being at the centre of the Irish social life, an independent woman didn’t have it easy. Thus, a good way of telling your mother that you know what she went through is to do the most unexpected thing ever. Get her a stripper.

Stripper Agencies have their best strippers on duty for  mother’s day

You probably didn’t think of this one, ha. Well stripper agencies are super busy on the weekend, but most part time strippers take the Sunday off. This means that only professional male strippers work on Mother’s Day. The organisers also make sure that the best performs are available. Stripograms on this day are a delicate affair. Only the best are available since only the best can survive the test of going Full Monty for ladies of experience.

Mother’s Day Stripograms are the highlight of the night

When it comes to such an event, there will be a lot of emotional moments. Mothers will receive flowers, touching cards and even more touching confessions. Since the emotions will be running high, there is a need for making things…just a bit more fun. Indeed the arrival of male strippers turns the tables pretty fast. Nothing makes the blues go away like the sight of a dancing man.

Whatever you decide, make sure that you hire top professionals to perform for your loved ones.

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