Westport Strippers abduct Stags

Westport Strippers: The calorie free dessert

The Wild Atlantic Way reaches its foodie pit stop in Westport. Our Westport Strippers know that good food compliments a good strip show. Just like lemons compliment the tequila shots, our strippers make a stag party in Westport memorable. And Stag Crews on these shores of wild beauty will sample the many award winning restaurants of Westport. And the Tequila. Leave the best for last: a heart pumping stripogram in clothing that make Victoria Secret models look nuns on a parade.

Stag parties in Westport

Choose Westport to get away from everything. Indeed, the woods and the coast that surround the gorgeous stone built architecture of Westport, offer so many options. Stag organisers have a multitude of activities; angling, rock climbing, surfing, paint balling. Stripireland on the other hand demands only your attention. We will provide strippers with major assets. You need booty? We got it? You need style? Our girls have piercings, tattoos and a fashion your girlfriends will envy.

Birthday Strippers at your door

Westport is one of those locations that scream weekend break from miles away. Actually a good few hundred miles away from Dublin. If you have a good gang of lads including a teetotal designated driver, that is a perfect combo. On the other hand you can always enjoy a train journey. Additionally 3 hours of midday drinking could just be one of the two main attractions of a boys weekend away. The other being a a stripogram with a fully nude show in the end.

Unleash you adrenaline beast

There is the law of the stag. Stags, just like their animal namesakes, are known to be rowdy. But you could get rid of that excess testosterone during a nature based activity. Zorbing and Ziplining are the trends for this year. The Westport Woods  adventure centre is the one stop shop that will make you sweat. The good thing about this oxygen overload experience is that the hotel is just next to it. The relaxation will follow suit.  Either in the form of a well deserved pint or a hot sauna…if healthy is your top priority.

Keep the good food train moving

Fine Dining in the An Port Mor or a freshly caught cod and chips. Having said that the likes of the Blue Thunder and Danolla’s takeaway have legendary chips that you can soak in freshly drunk beer. Make sure you sober up enough to enjoy the strip show. The Jester is home to many parties and you can find our dancers enjoying the live music. If you are lucky enough you can even watch them move their divine bodies to the beat. Nothing beats the fully naked show though.

Book the Westport Ladies for a gooooood goodbye to your single habits.

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