Kilkenny Female Strippers

Kilkenny Strippers: forget the match!

Many Stags want to watch the Cats play in their home turf. What more can man want on his Stag party?  A night out with his best buddies on the beer, hurling, Kilkenny playing great hurling….hang on a second. When did we book the Strippers for? And if it clashes with the match? Decisions, decisions. After having a sneaky peak at the videos and photos of the Kilkenny Strippers the choice is easy to make. The match is on the TV, sure. Then there is the issue of keeping the surprise alive. Don’t tell the Stag that he is in for a treat.

The lads will rush to An Poc Fada to find a quiet spot and the show begins. Our dancers can turn into naughty nurses or police women that keep only their hat on. If you want your stag embarrassed and beaming at the same time, our Dominatrix  will leave a lasting impression.

Top Stripograms in Kilkenny

You can enjoy the company of professional strippers in Kilkenny every weekend. Our girls will amaze you with their skill and craftsmanship. Have you ever thought of having a face massage from the most perfect derriere? Stripireland has definitely thought of many innovative way to scar your Stag for life. We are top confidential and will even make sure that the bride gets a male stripper just to even out the odds of a wedding cancellation.

What to look for when booking Strippers

In house calls are possible. But make sure that the owner of the premises is ok with a visit from the strippers. If not we will be able to book the venue for you. Strippers come in many shapes and forms. Make sure to choose the right one for you. If you get an offer without any photos prior to the booking, simply don’t book it. There a good few reputable source is Kilkenny when it comes to rating the naughty performances. In our case simply visit our reviews. With bases in Dublin, Galway and Limerick, StripIreland cover the whole of the 32 Counties.

Enjoy StriIreland senselessly 😉

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