Strippers recommend: Stag parties & hens head for the festivals!


Strippers Ireland : Festivals for Stag Parties

Let us start by saying that being in a state of ecstasy for at least an hour a week gives you an extra day of life. This is a spiritual exercise that you can enjoy best in the company of your close friends. And it works wonders every time. We as strippers can confirm that. Being overcome with joy will make your worries go to the land of Far-far-away. Stag parties offer such joyous occasions

But how do we get to the land of ecstasy? Just like in the Shrek movies, you will be asking ‘are we there yet’ a good few times throughout your life.  Since the Irish Summer is back in full force, the hen and stag parties filling your weekend calendars will multiply fast. So will the hours of ecstasy bound to come your way. But you have to make an effort to have an absolutely bonkers time. We cannot claim scientific credit for this discovery, but we can share our experience in the party scene of Ireland.  That will definitely help you on your quest for happiness.

Breweries & Music: the key ingredients of all stag parties

Our strippers have been in very few hen or stag parties in Ireland that were alcohol free. The magic juice has been a curse and a blessing for the Irish brilliance. From Brendan Behan and his love for sherry and champagne to Rory Gallagher’s liver transplants, the glass has always been half full in Ireland. It is then no surprise that a pub crawl is the main outing event of a stag or hen party. Indeed the itinerary of a stag or hen will involve a good few pubs and clubs.

At the same time, after the first one hundred or so pub crawls the story becomes a bit repetitive. A good alternative that combines light refreshments, but also music and an electric atmosphere is a summer festival. Ireland has a long list of festivals and fairs that a group of merry makers can enjoy, even sober.

Having  said that major music gathering like the Electric Picnic, Body and Soul and Forbidden Fruit will mean that your group will be confined in the adult playground that are the festival fields. On the other hands there are plenty of events that, albeit smaller in size offer a similar experience to the famous hen or stag pub crawl. You will get to see live music, experience genuine hospitality and also have time to squeeze a stripper performance for the guest of honour.

Willie Clancy Summer School

This is for the diehard fans of the Trad scene. From the 6th to the 14th of July the idyllic setting of Doolin will home one of the oldest and most comprehensive Irish traditional music events. This events is ideal for stag parties that enjoy trad music but also hens with a flair for as Gailge entertainment. The programme includes live music, dancing and a ton of fun happenings. For our strippers Doolin is a place they know too well. Stag parties in Doolin are becoming very common, especially if you are based in the Limerick or Galway area.


Galway Oyster Festival – Foodie Stag Parties beware

This fair might appeal to foodie hens, but also stags with a complex palate. With all those oysters that your group will consume, the night ahead will be eventful. Romantically charged, your single party members might find that flirting and oysters go very well together. It’s held on the last weekend of September. Furthermore, you can pick and choose the day that suits best your party needs. Have you thought of strippers and oysters? We have. Galway strippers can easily serve your best man a dessert that will tie the evening together very well.

Kinsale Gourmet Festival

On the windy shores of Co Cork, The Kinsale Gourmet Festival is more of a Hen Affair. Kinsale male strippers can help you as buff butlers or a spicy break. You get to join a gourmet tour with characters from Alice in the Wonderland. They also have a full day dedicated to lustful seafood only. If your bride’s name is Alice, this festival offers an added bonus. Stylish and full of surprises, you will have an unforgettable hen this October. From the 11th to the 13th of October, you will enjoy the delicacies of the Cork Foodie scene without limits.

Puck Fair, Killorglin

When you have a buck as the symbol of a festival, you are bound to attract other horned animals. Stags in Kerry prefer this festival for its rough and ready feeling.  Basically this means that the small but quaint town of Killorglin, turns into a massive street party from the 10th to the 13th of August. There horses running around the streets and with 36 hours of live entertainment free of charge, you will definitely not be disappointed.  There is a horse fair, cattle fair and a street market. This is mainly a local affair, with a male goat (poc in Irish) being crowned as King Puck and spending three days hanging in cage. As an added bonus the pubs close at 3 am.

Festival of Curiosity, Dublin

You might think that hen parties are a bit of a cliché. But instead of getting pre-packaged activities you could explore your creative side during the Festival of Curiosity. The events are spread out around different locations in Dublin. Actually you can find top class activities. Hen party organisers offer watered down versions of such events. Why not try the Curious Dublin guided walking tour instead of a standard pub crawl around Temple Bar? Or even try a Late Night mixology event for the ladies in waiting. From the 18th to the 21st of July, for all you curious hens and stags.

Earagail Arts Festival, Donegal

Another festival on the Wild Atlantic Way. This time Donegal becomes the home away from home of  Folk & Roots music, arts and circus into a 19 day long parade. If you are having your Stag or Hen in July, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to attend some of these events. Starting on the 10th of July you will have the chance to party, laugh and be inspired.

The Big Grill, Herbert Park, Dublin

Officially, the only zero electricity fire powered festival in Ireland. Hot Wings contests, world famous chefs and a lot of meat. This festival offers the lads the opportunity to celebrate their stag around BBQ pits and consume enough protein to move mountains. If you feel that a 4 day event is too much you can opt for a day ticket, which will cost less and leave you with enough cash to get a stripper in Temple Bar. 15th – 18th August 2019 this is the official grill and crafts beer gathering for all the hungry and thirsty party heads.

Battle for the Lake, Achill Island, Co Mayo

This is a full on adrenalin feast. Kitesurfing has become one of the favourite sports of the Irish lads and lasses. The event offers the lads an opportunity to test the winds of the ocean and brave the waves. The final day includes a huge fireworks display. The question remains…can we get strippers to perform on Achill Island. Oh yes we can. From the 27th to the 29th of September, this spectacle features the kings and queens of kitesurfing and guarantees an amazing weekend on the Atlantic Shores.

Shorelines Arts Festival, Portumna, Co Galway.

Portumna is home to a strong river boating community. You could actually hire a boat and cruise the river Shannon as far up as Athlone. Either for an arty stag or hen, or as part of a river cruise, this festival combines street performances, a film festival and music around the clock. The setting is cosy and friendly, and there are a lot of free events for the visitors that want to save the cash to tip strippers.  From the 19th – 22nd of September, make sure to visit this land of forests and lakes.


Imagine Arts Festival, Waterford – For fine art Stag Parties

Waterford is a popular stag and hen destination mainly because of the friendly pricing of accommodation and events. This festival is no exception with a lot of free events. Most of all, there is a Viking ‘Bla Battle’. Indeed a flour battle is what can make your group send loads of funny pictures to their friends. Some of them might even go viral. From the 18th to the 28th of October, it offers enough dates to fit your busy schedules.

Our Company has hubs of top class entertainers all over Ireland.  We can deliver the best strippers in Ireland to any location nationwide. What can make a festival stag or hen better? It’s easy. Just add a male or female stripper to your schedule and all of the sudden your group will engage into a laughing and screaming competition.


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