Kilkenny Female Strippers

Kilkenny Strippers: forget the match! Many Stags want to watch the Cats play in their home turf. What more can man want on his Stag party?  A night out with his best buddies on the beer, hurling, Kilkenny playing great hurling….hang on a second. When did we book the Strippers for? And if it clashes with

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Imagining a world without Strippers…A stag’s nightmare

The world was perfect and strippers made it interesting Why on earth do you need strippers? The answer is not why not. The answer is the sum of the desires of men and women. Actually dance and particularly ritualistic naked dance marked the beginning of civilisation. Without high priestesses with immaculate big bottoms, the gods

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Male & Female Strippers Westport

Westport Male Strippers: The Wild Atlantic Strip Westport Male Strippers usually hit the waves in Bundoran. You can see the well defined muscles even through the wet suits. Even hard men cannot afford to catch a man flu and not show up. Strip shows are as important as first dates. A male strippers knows how to

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Waterford Strippers can’t cook for Stags..but..

Waterford Strippers – Eternal attractions StripIreland offers the best Waterford Strippers in Waterford and county. Not just beautiful ladies, but professional performers that have earned their stripes through miles of poles. Our company is the oldest and best stag party entertainment agency in Ireland. When it comes to stag parties in Ireland, our strippers are

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