Dublin Strippers in 2020 : A how-to guide for stags

In Search of Dublin Strippers for a decent Stag

Who would have thought that looking for Dublin Strippers would be this hard? 2020, is the year of fun indoors. As the HSE said, look for fun within your household. When this would be ok for a BBQ or a few beers, watching Aunt Mary trying to entertain a stag party is not for the faint-hearted. Jokes apart, with the strip clubs closed and most striptease agencies out of action, the naughty side of the stag is not on the agenda.

So, you can have a stripper-free stag – the bride-to-be will be delighted – or you can wait a bit longer. As Ireland is opening the doors and peeking outside, they will not miss the stripper agencies that will offer their services to stag parties all over Ireland. Dublin Strippers are no different. Some ladies have taken to teaching pole dancing classes online. Some others have spent time with their loved ones and enjoyed waking up early in the morning. Whatever their quarantine routine, the striptease routines are like riding a bicycle. Once mastered, never forgotten.

Dublin Strippers

House Party: Stags in the house – Strippers in the closet

The quarantine taught people the value of house parties. With the pubs coming up with all sort of odd solutions so that they can keep their door open and their lines functional, the public could end up just staying home. But home is where the stag is. If you still haven’t had Stag House party, now is the time to rock your socks and shout, shout, let it all out. Yes, probably the neighbours will complain, but once they know it is a stag they will show some compassion and will not ring the Garda.

Once StripIreland is open again, we will make sure that social distancing will not compromise our show.  We can even set up a pole in your living room and transform your personal space into an impromptu strip club.

Forget Temple Bar, Dublin Strippers come to your local

For those stag parties that are not ready to face a pub that looks and behaves like an A&E department, the local is the solution. You have probably had your first pint in the place, and the publican knows your ma. This is not always a good thing but at the same time, it gives the stag party a neighbourhood feel. The communities in Dublin are tight, each area has its own classic style. Strippers in Dublin also have their local. So instead of arranging a stripogram in a busy city centre bar you can arrange a strip show around the corner. The local pub, local girls and local gossip to follow up the shenanigans.

A waiting list for booking stripograms in Dublin?

Probably yes! StripIreland can’t confirm anything as yet, but the queue outside our office is forming slowly but surely. The best option is to inform your local strippers in Dublin of your intention to throw a stag. After that, once everything is back in business they will let you know when can you get your fully nude show. The strippers’ shoes are waiting to walk again. The tassels and thongs are waiting to be worn and then carelessly thrown over the kettle.

What’s included in the stripograms?

Masks! Loads of masks! And latex gloves. Just joking, but there will be a list of requirements from the HSE which strippers’ agencies in Dublin and Ireland will need to abide by. AS a result, we are working hard on new shows and props. Imagination is the mother of any show and we will transform the limitations into props. Also, our visuals might change. Are you looking for a sexy nurse? Maybe you need to rethink that. As it turns out PPE equipment is in high demand. If the bootstrapping of the HSE keeps this way, we will see the nurse uniforms being confiscated from our trunks. Anyway, no need to worry as our strippers in Dublin have a ton of themes and uniforms to play with.

What about security in the Stag Party

As are well aware that house parties can go a bit wild, we have designated drivers for our ladies. Expect polite and effective personnel that will accompany our ladies. Not only to make sure social distancing is done correctly but also to keep an eye on those lads that can go a bit too far.

Exotic dancers with a straight edge: Dublin Female Strippers

For those tourists that come to Dublin for a stag, the ladies will show them the wild side of Dublin. There are no limitations when it comes to naughty entertainment, there are no strings left attached and you can make a mask out of a bra anytime you wish. We will leave it there for the stag to play with it.

Remember to book well in advance. What makes the world go round might be a bit tight, but a stripper performance is a necessity not a luxury.


Stag parties in Dublin

If you want to give your best buddy a last night of freedom, then go for our top-rated ladies.  Dublin is the birthplace of Guinness and the capital of fun. Dublin ladies are not shy. You will hear them roar in loud voices and crack jokes that put the lads in their place with those Dublin one-liners.

The Dublin Strippers have that edge about them. No bullshit. They enter the room and the Stag is in trouble. Yes, he will see the sun and the stars between those beacons of desire. He will also learn a lesson or two if he misbehaves. The Dublin Female Strippers are your best School Teacher, Nurse, Policewoman in dancing shoes and shiny landing strips. Or are you looking for a special duo to bring the Stag night to the edge of the Cliffs of Moher? Lesbian show …here we go.

Our Dublin Strippers are exotic beauties paired with local Irish talents. Not just women stripping. Well-drilled dancers that will make the floors tremble and the lads ask for more.

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