Hen Parties in Ireland : Fun Facts

Hen Parties in Ireland : The 3 Stages

When the Hen Parties in Ireland started taking off everybody thought that it was just a fad. A bit like Pizza Hut or TGI Fridays. Queues of customers for the first year and then just another attraction. On the contrary, the hen party scene keeps growing. What used to be just a night out in town for the ladies, has become a complicated affair that needs careful organization. With packages starting from €50 pp to the likes of €500 pp the Hen Party organizers are finding more imaginative ways to keep the hens entertained but also make a killing on each party goer.

By having a look at the trends of this year we can easily say that the Hen Parties in Ireland are becoming a staple activity for almost every Irish Lass. Actually most of the couples that met during the crisis are getting married in the following 5 years. After saving money by living with mum and dad and having endless Netflix dates, now they are ready to spend their hard earned yo-yos before the Brexit effect sends ripples through their pockets. Weddings mean Hen Parties and Stag Parties. It makes sense to gather a group of almost strangers to exercise some team building. They will discuss the wedding, gossip and relax.

Our Male strippers will agree that there are 3 key stages of every Hen Party in Ireland.

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01. The big night out

There is no Hen party without the big night out in town. Usually the ladies will gather for some warming up in the hotel lobby. The other option is an early bubbly reception with a buff butler in one of the Hen Party hot spots in Ireland. There is nothing more satisfying then watching a semi naked man pour a perfect glass of champagne. All that while the bride to be and the future mother in law have a tipsy chit chat about the size of his package. Having left behind the ice breaker, they will move on to a more formal dinner. Discussing the wedding over food is something natural and necessary. At this stage, the older and wiser hens will take their dignified presence back to the hotel.

On the other hand the younger and bolder members of the crew will proceed to paint the town red. The Big Night Out has a good few highlights in the package. The big dance off in the club, the lines of shots, the flirting of the single lasses. All these experiences are nicely stack up one after the other. Indeed a domino effect is in the making. At some point, even a male stripper will appear to get smiles and screams going.

02. The daylight activities

Like it or not, the Hen Party is an occasion that all the ladies have to enjoy. Thus a daylight plan needs to be in place to appease those active spirits. At the same time, if a group of hens includes a few lazy bones, it is a good idea to keep it light on the adrenaline level. Ziplining is fun if your crew has an average age of 20 something. Once that average is closer to the 30s, a walk in the forest is more likely to get the participation going. The key is to allow for a leisurely wake up call, and then take time to explore the area and leave the more muscle wrenching part for after lunch. Or skip it all together. If the Hen Party is taking place in the countryside, there are a lot of hills, valleys and river side walks to allow for nature soaked feelings.

03. The parting glass

The most interesting part of the Hen Party Weekend is the night before the return journey. By now they are almost best friends ( or lethal enemies). The Sunday afternoon is left for the different groups within the hen party to bond even better. After spending 48h together, the ladies will have formed alliances. There will be some gossiping resulting from the hen party night, but also some future planing with regard to the wedding itself. It is important to find a resting place that suits everybody. A local Irish Pub with a Trad Session on will always hit the spot. Also, a comfy hotel lounge with a carvery and big pots of tea tends to attract hen parties. It is time to put on comfy jeans or leggings and scarfs. Even simple chit-chats and giggles over the photo collection of the weekend is enough to wrap up the evening in a sisterly mood.. 


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Hen Party Trends for the marrying type

Vintage Hen party 

Vintage is coming back. Not only vintage clothing and furniture is becoming the new modern, but also the vintage  lifestyle is manifesting itself everywhere. From the Victorian beards in men, to corsets and dancing swing classes for the ladies. A vintage hen party can include a ride in an antique car, a vintage tea party and dancing classes themed after famous musicals. So the ladies can dress up like pin up models from the fifties, swing happily to the jazz tunes of the 30s and dine like the landed gentry of the early 19th century . All in the same day. Even the male strippers can remove his clothing to the sounds of Elvis or Frank Sinatra.

Foodie Hen Weekend

When you get a few ladies with a passion for cooking together they will persuade the other to ….well get stuffed all weekend. It is an easy option, with so many mansions and kitchen schools available all over Ireland. This type of Hen party calls for a good appetite and an aptitude to get one’s hands dirty. In flour and eggs that is. The downside of such activities ( or the benefit in most cases) is that all that is cooked must be eaten. So Bonn Appetite everybody.

The Hen Cruises

If the Hen party is in Carrick on Shannon or the Atlantic shores, then water activities are a must. From booze cruises to adrenaline filled kayaking there is always something that will fit the style of a Hen Party. Just make sure to follow the captain’s instructions. That means that it is a good idea not to try to relive scenes from the Atlantic on riverboat. Trying to get the male strippers on board will also be tricky. The waves can and will have an effect on the dancing abilities of Male strippers, so be prepared for minor mishaps.

The Murder Mystery/ Save the groom CSI

Such activities make sense if a good proportion of the hen party is into the CSI scene. As male strippers we find it hard to understand why a group of women would spend 4 h or so in a semi dilapidated house, but each to their own. It is something definitely deserves a cocktail and a stripogram as a celebration.

The Spa Weekend

While you can have a spa weekend with your loved ones anytime of the year, the Hen Party Spa weekend has a few never seen before features. You can actually go for a Brazilian with a woman you have never seen before in your life and you will definitely see again… on her weeding day. The Hen Parties that choose to go from treatment to treatment for a whole day are really stuck for ideas on how to spend the excess wealth. Just hiring a bunch of male strippers and splashing out on Crystal doesn’t do it anymore. On the other hand if you haven’t had such a break in a good while it’s brilliant opportunity to get a good deal on the group rates. I mean …. you can definitely get a better price when you want to wax 30 legs instead of only 2.


Yes. It’s camping in a royal tent. You get comfy cushions, Arabic style decorations  and a stove. You get also exceptional service and a full bar. Then you get tipsy and you call over a Male Stripper. He arrives in cowboy boots and hat. Then he puts on a show. You keep on drinking and then you need to walk a few yards to reach the common toilets. All at the friendly price of about €500 per night. In fact it is nothing more than a pajama  party for adults. It can be extremely funny and entertaining.

The farming  Hen Party

It is the kind of activity you will do only once. Getting the whole hen party on a Massey – Ferguson sounds like a brilliant idea. On the other hand once the wellies get dirty you are bound to hear some of the ladies complain. The ground will be wet and the cute little goats will be leaving their traces all over the place. Actually there is no chance on earth that the ladies that have some kind of farming background will agree to this. On the other hand there plenty of city ladies that will go for a Hen Party in the wet and lush country side.

Make sure to pack a change of clothes and bring a hot water bottle with you.

While Hen Party trends come and go there is always a need for naughtiness in the hen dominion. Actually the best way to start or end a hen party is with a stripogram. While locations and activities might change, the male stripper performance will always be a standard part of every hen party in Ireland


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