The Hen party is the one and only gathering for the bride-to-be and their gal pals
across Ireland. After all, it’s the last time to live it up before you make that journey down the Aisle.

Even though we are primarily a stripper company, not everyone is down for a male stripper home visit.
And since doing the ordinary and thinkable is just too mainstream; we’re all about adventure,
innovation and craic. So why not spend the last few nights of your freedom in style and or insanity with these fabulous Hen’s ideas and locations to suit all pockets and tastes. Trust us when we say that doing things differently. With our minds leading the flock, hen parties in Ireland never looked so promising.

Every bride is different, so every bride deserves a unique hen party. Ireland is full of opportunities to spoil your hen in a special way. StripIreland’s male strippers are the experts in curating hens parties. We can offer advice on everything from hiring the venue, to provide the alcohol and of course, producing the entertainment. Read on to discover our mini-guide on unique hen night ideas in Ireland.


When embarking on a hen journey at night time, you need to keep in mind that for the bride it is going to be a memory of a lifetime. Our advice is not to leave things at chance. Some of the basic ideas when bringing together your faithful flock have to do with the “where”, “when” and “how” of a hen night.
So let’s start with the nuts and bolts of this business.


Why wait for the fun to start when you can order a limousine or a party bus? With both options, you get to start the party right away. You can enjoy some bubbles on the way, have full control over the music and with a party bus you can even loosen up those limbs for a night of serious dancing. Why not organise a Buff Butler or a male stripper to entertain the girls on the way in?


It’s impossible not to have fun when everyone is dressed up. Choose your favourite movie, a period of time or even activity. Make sure everyone is dressed the same and have fun while at it. It can be as luxurious or naughty as you like. Team it with plenty of drinks, good music, a great strip show, some tasty treats and you’re good to go.


The locations for hens in Ireland are plenty. Some prefer the lights and busy streets of Dublin. Some others prefer the quiet of the countryside. In other cases, hens combine both. Hen parties in Killarney, Galway, Kilkenny and Carrick on Shannon have the busy bars and the great outdoors to play with. Choose your location with budget and fun in mind.


A good venue really is essential to making the day perfect. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, you can do it in a backyard, hire out a private room or even go for a girl’s weekend away. The essentials are making sure that everyone is together, there’s plenty of alcohol, and there’s plenty of male nudity involved. With regards to the last part, think about all attendees. If the bride’s mum feels uncomfortable with full-frontal nudity, you can ask the stripper to keep his jocks on.


There is no need to stress too much about the budget, but don’t go too crazy. Think about the people in the group that make the least amount of money. The hen party should suit them first. Remember that there should be money left in the kitty for the wedding too.


Pace the alcohol. Don’t start the day with shots, you want to last till the end.
If you’re worried about planning, ask the team at our team to look after everything for you.
Planning a great hens night is surprisingly hard, so leave it to an expert and just enjoy the build-up.


Our team can advise on package activities to suit every need. Get in touch with us today, we’re always happy to help you customise activities to suit your needs and your budget.

Are you planning a hens night or party for a bride to be that likes things classy? The secret to preparing a hens night is to pick something that will suit the bride. There’s no point booking a crazy night out if she prefers to be tucked in bed by midnight.
Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can plan a fun but classy hens night. Use these ideas for inspiration. You can put together the experiences and create your own package. Either a DIY package or a ready-packaged experience it is important to have a well-planned hen night well in advance of the party.

Trying to plan a hen’s party is overwhelming at the best of times, let alone trying to make it a magical experience that the bride won’t forget. That’s where our experience comes in. We’re experts in advising on how to throw the perfect hen party.

Here are some tried and tested ideas that are sure to make you have one of the most magical hens nights.


Why not ride in style for the night with a party bus or limo? A hen party bus can be a fun way to arrive at your destination, or even be the party venue itself! Without the need for a designated driver, everyone is free to let loose to drink, sing and dance. The biggest issue you’ll face is deciding who gets control over the AUX cord.
You can even spice up this experience by having one of our Buff Butlers or male strippers already on board. We’re sure to add an element of surprise and excitement to what would already be a fun experience! Check out our party bus package to take the stress out of organising the night.


Staying at home for your hen’s night doesn’t have to be boring. House parties are a great option for so many reasons, especially considering that they are not only budget-friendly but they give you complete freedom over catering and entertainment – all from the comfort of your own home!

House parties are always amazing. They’re budget, there are really no rules, and no one has to worry about getting home. You can still enjoy incredible foods and drinks, and our strippers and Buff Butlers always say that things get a little crazier when everyone stays home. Choose your favourite theme, and you’ve got all the ingredients for a raging hens party.

Our team can provide a male strip show or Buff Butlers for the night (or both!) to add a little naughtiness and fun to the night. Our services can include a variety of fun and cheeky party games that are sure to tickle everyone’s fancy.


There’s nothing like a BBQ. You could get all the girls together on a sunny afternoon, and everyone gets to drink and dine the day and night away in complete comfort. Of course, all BBQ’s escalate and as the drinks flow the inhibitions fade away. All that bearing in mind that you will have a sunny afternoon. But indoors can be fun too.

You can start playing some naughty games, and even organise a Buff Butler to keep everyone topped up.
Great drink ideas could include a huge bowl of punch or even a table stacked with G&Ts. You can go classic BBQ or keep it gourmet with quality cuts and salads. It’s a great way to spoil your hen without spending too much money.


An escape room is a perfect way to test your collective brain skills. The best part is, there’s such a massive range in Ireland that you can find one to suit your group – Murder Mystery, The Cube, James Bond Activities, whatever you like! If you have a big group, split into two and see who gets out first. It’s the perfect way to get everyone together and start some bonding. Then, you move on to the drinking, dancing and the censored part of the evening.


If you and the girls are about to head out for a night on the town, you need to be looking your best. Is there anything better than getting your hair, make-up and nails done by a professional? For something extraordinary, have some professionals visit your meeting place, and you can all get pampered while sipping champagne and preparing yourselves for the mayhem to come.
If you’re planning a night out on the town, why not have a pampering session beforehand? It can be a great way to get in the mood while also relaxing before what’s bound to be a big night. Getting your makeup, hair, and nails done by a professional can help you to feel fabulous and provide the perfect experience to make everyone feel like a glamorous superstar.


Planning a wedding can be stressful, so having a relaxing spa weekend can be a great way for everyone to unwind and relax for a bit. This is the kind of hen party that can leave everyone feeling brand new, rather than just tired and hungover. It also provides the perfect setting for everyone to catch up and have a gossip.
The spa weekend is a relaxing and luxurious affair. All the girls can get together, and have a glass of champagne before they descend into an afternoon of ultimate pampering.
This party could be used to prepare the girls for a night of destruction, or, used to recover from the night before.
Your bride will really enjoy a healthy weekend for her special day. Especially, if she isn’t into partying, spa treatments, yoga, good food and wellness can give her the energy she will need to deal with the big day. Massages, facials, gossiping and long walks in the beautiful scenery of Ireland can boost one’s energy levels.


Once the hen party list is complete it is a good idea to chat with the ladies about some other options that can boost the party experience. This might involve some more investment but it will definitely involve the creative side of your brain.


Hiring your own venue can be a great option to let loose and have a wild night with (almost) no rules. You have complete freedom to choose a theme, catering, and the people there. No more waiting in line for the bathroom or being harassed by random men at a club.

You can choose from countryside cottages or even a castle. It depends on your budget and the style of your hen. Location is also important. You could hire a venue in Dublin City centre. There are endless bars with private rooms and areas, but also remote cottages and mansion houses that you can turn into your private club for the night.
Our team can help to provide the entertainment with some of the best Irish male strippers and Buff Butlers. We can also help you organise your hen night venues in Ireland, taking out a lot of the stress in organising your perfect hen party.


Why not bring out the cheeky side of the bride before walking down the aisle with a bit of saucy entertainment on a night out? A male strip performance can provide the perfect occasion to make your hen night embarrassingly special. Buff butlers with a full range of games for your hen party can be added in the minx.
You can turn your night into a bonanza of male delights. You and your friends can bask in the presence of some of the hottest, most amazing men in Ireland.


Is the bride-to-be a country girl? Or is she a fan of the great outdoors? Is she more at home among green fields than neon lights? Maybe you should book a B&B, or some other stylish and cosy accommodation, in one of the many beautiful areas surrounding Ireland. You could enjoy a spa weekend in Killarney, an escape to the Lakes of county Cavan or combine wining, dining, spa and beach time in Westport.
We organise strippers for takeaway nationwide, so if you want country time with a sprinkle of nudity and naughty fun, we can arrange a stripper or Buff Butler service just for you.


A hen party can be the perfect time to learn something new and fun. Our team offers a bunch of different classes that mix learning with a bit of sexiness. With our guys and girls , you can learn:

Cocktail Making with a Buff Butler
Lap Dancing and Pole Dancing from a seasoned stripper
Twerking with one of our Stag Bunnies
Life Drawing Party with a sexy male model ( or female, we don’t judge)
Burlesque dancing with our dancers

Our team offers a whole range of classes designed for hens. Either practical or seductive this newly found knowledge can be applied in the kitchen, during socialising or in the bedroom department. You choose 🙂


Hiring a luxury yacht or cruiser for the night can be a glamorous and classy option for your hen party. Summer would be perfect for this kind of hen’s party. Enjoy canapes and cocktails on the water while your favourite music plays.
It’s also the perfect environment to hire some of our Buff Butlers – their abs look particularly good glistening in the sun. And, of course, they’re talented cocktail makers and so are sure to keep your drinks topped up. You will also appreciate the entertainment in the form of some cheeky party games.
Everyone loves boats. The groom may have organised a fishing charter for his stags, but you can take a tour around one of Ireland’s many beautiful waterways without the smell of fish guts. Organise a luxe yacht or cruiser, stock the boat with delicious drinks and delectable delights and get one of our Buff Butlers to serve it all up. That’s perfection.


The Afternoon tea is perfect for a pack of classy hens. You can visit your favourite five-star hotel or create one at home. Think, towers of delectable delights ranging from macaroons to triangle sandwiches, salmon topped blintzes, pastries and other mini-treats deserving of a high-end afternoon tea.
Of course, champagne and Prosecco will be flowing, and the scene is perfect for all the hens to get together and chat about the bride-to-be.
You can even set a dress code. Ladies could dress in period dresses, or it may be an all-white or all pink party to keep things nicely angelic and girly. Fill the room with flowers and ribbons, and you’ve got the perfect classy afternoon planned for your bride-to-be.


Plenty of places around Ireland offer great afternoon teas. This is perfect for the classy hen, all the girls can get together for a gossip, some mini sandwiches, delicious pastries and plenty of champagne. You can even host one at home for a hens experience on a budget. You’ll find your party to be the talk of the town with gourmet sweet and savory items, all served with top quality tea. Did we mention the splendid décor? It’s truly a magical
evening full of formal sophistication in the air. What better way to make the bride and her
bridesmaids feel royal all night long.
If you want class with a little bit of cheek, why not organise a Buff Butler to ferry the goods around? Think of them as a beautiful ornament to top off the scene!


If your hen knows her foie gras from her caviar, and her Pinot from her Lidl wines, a foodie or wine bar tour is just what she needs. Organise transport, get all the girls in their best frocks and head to the Yarra Valley or the Mornington Peninsula for a day of indulgence.
Ireland is packed with high-end eating and drinking establishments. If your bride loves her dining and wining, this is a great option. It’s especially perfect for smaller groups, and most restaurants will even offer a special menu that makes the whole thing affordable.
Why not splash out in style with a five-star gourmet meal delivered to perfection? We’re talking a road trip to Galway, Kerry or Westport. Ireland is full of top restaurants and unique ingredients.

And if that wasn’t enough, you can choose to stay at the guest suite available for you and your
girlfriends to enjoy. Now that’s what we call memories to last a lifetime.
Struggling for transport? Want the party to carry on? We offer a limo and party bus service that will take you and all the girls from your final destination to the after-party in style. You may even have a little treat waiting for you when you board.


A classy hen will love a cocktail party. Everyone gets dressed up, beautiful drinks and canapes are served, and the setting is perfect for a long-awaited catch-up and plenty of gossiping about the bride-to-be.
If you want to turn up the fun just a little, you can organise a Buff Butler to serve the canapes and the drinks, and make sure everyone is having fun.
Want even more fun? Why not organise a visit from our strippers, they put on a fun and classy show that is as naughty or tame as you like. They get everyone involved and help to drop those pesky inhibitions.
Hunks of Desire offer a range of packages to suit a cocktail party. We can help with transport, alcohol and even venue hire.


Whatever idea you go for, it’s essential that you keep these following points in mind:
It needs to be something the bride-to-be will love and feel comfortable with.
It has to be appropriate for all attendees, so check if Grandma is attending before you lock anything in.
Make sure it’s affordable and take budget into account. The bride would much rather have all her nearest and dearest in attendance than have an expensive day that only a few can attend
Make it memorable, the bride should love every minute of it, but it should be something a little out of the ordinary

Remember these points, and you’ll give the beautiful bride the hens day or night she deserves.
Prefer a more luxurious hens night?
Every girl only gets one hen’s party (if everything goes according to plan!!). So, you have to make it count. A hen’s night is definitely not the time to play it safe, and it’s definitely not the time to worry about a budget. For one night, you are the queen. Everything is about you, and you deserve a night that is both luxurious and crazy.



Every group of girls has that one friend who is a terrible driver. Well, you can settle that once and for all with a bit of go-karting. You can set up a few bets and come up with a punishment for the loser. This is classic for all the stags, but we have seen that hens have much more fun. Ireland has a lot of options for go-karting. One thing is for sure, there can only be one winner (maybe give the bride a bit of a head start!)


Hen party games are key to keep the ladies entertained. Best are the games that are designed to test the girls’ barriers. Make the question hard, and keep the funny spect going. Truth or Dare is always perfect for making your friends either embarrass themselves. You can all spill out some naughty secrets – including the bride out. If you want something a little more PG but still just as much fun, play Dress The Bride. For this, you will need a lot of toilet roll. Nothing like Kleenex Wedding dress rehearsal. Get two teams and two willing participants and see who can make the best wedding dress out of toilet paper, twigs, leaves and appoint a judge. Make sure the losers get to hit extra shots.

With no room for inhibition on a hen’s night, you can hire a Buff Butler to spice up things. Some of the craziest games are Pin the Penis, naked twister ( you don’t have to be naked yourselves) and a Mr and Mrs Quizz with one of our Topless Waiters as the judge.


If the hens prefer protein smoothies over martinis and yoga over male strippers, organise a healthy hen weekend. Book into a retreat in Wicklow or Connemara and get all the girls together for fruit platters, yoga, smoothies and even a massage or spa session.
It doesn’t all have to beZen and mud masks, though. A healthy hen will love feasting her eyes on a sturdy set of muscles and abs, so get in touch with us for a home visit. Our hunky and athletic boys have the moves to wow all the girls. In order to maintain their male perfection, they are healthy freaks themselves. We can even organise a Personal Trainer activity for the group. Somewhere between HIIIT and eye candy, such activities are tailored to healthy hens. You can choose your routines

Don’t forget, friendly hens love competition. You can organise your own triathlon in the mountains, complete with zip lines and mountain climbing.


Hen party photo challenge, How well you know the bride, Advice for the bride; these are a few of the trivia games you can organise from the comfort of your home. Just make sure everyone is nice and liquored up before this one kicks off. It’s best if everyone is under the influence of plenty of truth serum.
You can also play classic board games like monopoly then head out to explore the city. This would be a self-run monopoly treasure hunt. For that purpose, you can use the Dublin Monopoly version instead of the London one.

By combing these unique and crazy hen’s night ideas, you end up with the perfect mix of class and fun. The most important thing to remember is not to hold back, both in the planning and on the night. Make this the perfect night for the hen and the rest of your friends. It really is a once in a lifetime opportunity.