Limerick Male Strippers

Limerick Male Strippers 

Limerick Male Strippers hang out in Charile Chaplin’s taking part in all sorts of party madness. That’s after the shows of course. Hen Parties come to Limerick to sample the hospitality of Munster. From Golfing in Lahinch to long leisurely walks in  around the Fairy Forts of Lough Gur, Limerick and County is an ocean of opportunities to discover and enjoy. Home to the Cranberries, this city has a long tradition of home grown rock and roll. The bars have live music almost every night.

Where the West Coast Hen Parties begin

Our Limerick Male Strippers will perform in your chosen persona. Is it Police officer that will arrest the bride-to-be for being “drunk and disorderly” ? The wardrobe is full of ideas. Or a Fireman to handle a hot booty that is parading during her last night of freedom?

Sexy, steamy, oiled gentlemen. Well accustomed to handle a crew of feisty hens. Let’s bring your Hen party to new heights. Don’t be so shy… the Full Monty doesn’t bite.

Book The Limerick Male Strippers for a sweet bare truth you will keep secret from your neighbours.

Home deliveries same price 🙂

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