Carlingford Male Strippers

Carlingford Male Strippers: Ancient History and modern muscles

Hens that want to be close to Dublin and have the opportunity to tour the North of Ireland choose Carlingford. It is just one hour drive away from the ancient site of Newgrange. Will the Gods of Fertility favour this young Bride to be? Or will she have to fantasize about her dream man once more before she takes those eternal vows.  The Carlingford Male strippers are here to put her imagination to the test. And the the bridesmaids will spent a good bit of time on WhatsApp with us to find out the perfect costume for the show and the perfect size 😉

Carlingford Male Strippers will also advise you on how to do the Game of Thrones tour by yourselves, and what time to hit the M1 for that shopping spree in Belfast.

Book the Carlingford Male Strippers for a show filled with light music and shining muscles. Did we tell you about the Full Monty?

You choose the “terms” and “conditions”, we will deliver the bare assets at your doorstep.

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