Kilkenny Male Strippers

Kilkenny Male Strippers: Cats vs Sexy Beasts

The Kilkenny Male Strippers end up training in the same gyms as the Cats. The Cats have won Hurling Championships but the Kilkenny Male Strippers have won stripping championships. The difference is obvious  in physique and confidence. In order to perform, the GAA lads need a Poc Fada but our dancers need just that confidence. And it takes a ton of confidence to be the same man with or without clothes. Kilkenny Male Strippers are pure and simple sexy beasts. The Hen Party Scene in Kilkenny is wild, this beautiful town attracts a myriad of hens and mad ladies from all over Ireland and across the seas. They gather in Mat the Miller’s , and the stripping competition starts.

With tons of muscles and male beauty this fireworks show is just what you need to get the crowd cheering. We give the venues that bang it needs to fill the queue at bar. Bar staff recognise that cheering that means one thing. Rounds of shots for the thirsty Hens and the Brides-to-be that will need a calming potion after the Male Strippers have brought the fireworks in the house.

Book the Kilkenny Male Strippers for your Hen Do, and see the pussy cats turn into sexy beasts in 15 min.

We will also book the venue for you! No better guides than our well travelled Male strippers.

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