Why your dad deserves strippers for Fathers Day

Strippers for Fathers day come back to haunt you

Strippers for fathers day is one hell of a surprise. We bet our thongs that your special man will be left with his mouth open and his pace maker needing repair. If you want to make history and earn a top place in the black sheep brigade of your extended family, here is how you do it.

Dads just don’t get enough recognition

Well, you heard right. Strippers for fathers day is just what the shrink prescribed. Forget the Xanax and bottles of whiskey. Dump all the ties and holiday vouchers. Honestly, the man responsible for your humble beginnings deserves a stripogram. Since it is not the most usual present, you will probably get a good bit of rap from  the church going aunties and grannies. So, we give you the perfect  plan on ….

How to get strippers on Fathers day and be proud of it

Move over you uptight ******!

Deal with the objections one at a time. First persuade the immediate family members. Start with your mother. Surely she will have no objection for some well meant fun. Once your mom is OK, the rest will eventually yield. On the other hand if you encounter massive resistance, just go ahead and get a stripper anyway. Make sure to invite a couple of your mates in Father Ted outfits to cheer for the strippers.

Nude or naughty..strippers for Fathers day have their specialities

Make sure to agree on the level of nudity. If your dad is an ex-Outlaw and is having fun in his club house with his buddies, then a fully nude stripogram is perfectly fine. If it is a family event in your local is whole different story. In that case you probably need to go down the burlesque route. Tassels on the jugs that is.

Themed t-shirts

If you want to celebrate Father’s Day in style, then make sure to get all the crew to wear t-shirts. Something along the lines “Dad is getting strippers for Father’s day” is simple enough to produce and great fun for everybody. Team Dad with team topless can do wonders in unison.

Venue and timing

You might want to make sure your dad is up fr it. Strippers in Ireland are such a rarity, so most dads get  strippers for Father’s day every now and then. Most venues will accommodate but bear in mind that a pub on a Sunday could have the whole community. If a stripper gets in the pub half way through carvery service, she will probably be sent on her way very swiftly from the management.

Health comes before fun

Honestly, make sure that heart conditions are not overlooked. We might joke about pace makers, but as a professional stripper agency we make sure that the person receiving the stripogram is in good health. While we have not dealt with any serious conditions, things like mobility and flexibility are important. Having a double D balcony land on on ones face could be fun for some, or cause neck injury to others.

Open minds, open hearts and open closets

If your father was brought up in an era homophobic Ireland, there is a chance that he came out of the closet late. Not to bother! We have male strippers for all your gay fathers. Even if the closet door was rusty our lads will bring with them WD40 to make sure that your dad has all the fun and none of the shame when he opens that closet door.


Remember to order a stripogram this Fathers Day


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