Carlingford Strippers

Carlingford Strippers: Oysters or Strippers… or both

The Carlingford Lough offers views and hiking trails that can bring Stag Crews to the desired shape. They need to walk off those brewery based calories so that can fit in their tuxedos for the big day. And they need to plan a “revenge” attack on the poor husband to be. Thats where the Carlingford Strippers come into the picture.

Within an hour we can deliver a chosen Dominatrix that will humiliate and embarrass your Stag and plant in his heart the fire of desire. We can even arrange a private room in Taffe’s Castle. The medieval furniture will be the impressive setting for the gorgeous presence of the Carlingford Strippers. Bare from all the conventional ornaments, these vixens will take you to a trip down mammary lane ( between the “hills”). They will even let you hold their thong.Just take it easy on those local fresh succulent oysters beforehand.

Are you ready to be teased and pleased? Good! Book now ……

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