Athlone Strippers

Athlone Strippers: The Westmeath Bachelor’s last wish

As very well put in verse and music from the late great  Joe Dolan, being a bachelor has it’s perks. Why would one go for a life of daily highs and lows. Keep it simple, right? But if a bachelor decides to upgrade or downgrade, then a Stag Party in Athlone is the only thing that this old boy can hope for. And  the Athlone Strippers will be the highlight that will make the whole crew take this party one step further.

Now,  a few cold ones in the Prince of Wales, or the Piano Bar should work as obligatory starters, but leave some space in your soul and heart. The Athlone Strippers will cause ripples in the waters of Lough Ree, and you might feel like diving in to cool down. Just make sure there is a buoy around.

These ladies have a high mileage on dance poles, and an even greater presence in the room. Bodies that have a 5 days a week gym practice and a charm that will get a monk frisky.


Yes, the Athlone Strippers are here to stay. You will wonder if the wedding will match up to the Stag party.

Book, look …and don’t tell the bride.


( ….ok you can also touch a bit with permission)

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