Birthday Party Male Strippers for the Lucky Ladies

Birthday Party Male Strippers vs the Birthday Cake

When a young lady turns 21 she needs all the help she can get to celebrate the special day. 21st Birthday Parties will need have the sound of music. They need also drama and high heels. The long dress of the debs will give way to the short mini skirt of the 21st Birthday bash. And the gentle kissogram of the 18th Birthday Party will be replaced by Birthday Party Male Strippers, G-strings and all.

It’s a family affair…with family friendly Birthday Party Male Strippers

The hair salon, the tanning salon, the cake decorating shop…they will all have to come together in a well designed plan of action. In Ireland expect to see a lot of the family getting involved. As a rule, the actual party will have everybody present. Family, Godmothers and Godfathers, school friends, boyfriends and even the poor young girls ex-boyfriend. Sadly the latter ends up on the guest list purely because the mother thinks “that he is a really good lad ya’know”. Even the birthday girl’s creche friends might end up being there. Just so they can see their own faces on the collage of photos on the wall.

Getting the right Birthday Party Male Strippers

When it comes to throwing Birthday Party Male Strippers in the mix, it is usually the girlfriends, the aunts and the cousins that join forces together. First, they will have to approve the stripper. What does the birthday girl like? Is it going to be handsome policeman, or a cowboy. What about looks? It is all a major operation with lots ideas being thrown in the hat. Most ladies will go for the Policeman or Fireman option, simply because the uniform fits the plot.

Naturally there has to be a plot. While for a guy’s 21st Birthday Party all you need a stunner with big boobs, for a lady’s 21st things are a bit different. Just a handsome guy that will take off his clothes is not enough. There has to be a theme, a plot. Usually the policeman act involves the Birthday Party Male Strippers in police uniform arresting the young lady. As a rule, her friends will have come up with some trumped up charges. As the incidents of madness and borderline criminal behaviour are ever present in the teenage years, coming up with the charges is not that difficult.

21st Kiss from the Birthday Party Male Strippers

Another option is the delivery guy act. A male stripper can deliver presents and flowers to the young lady…. Then he can proceed to strip. It is a good idea to combine the stripogram for the 21st Birthday Party with the ever complicated 21 kisses. In which case, after the Birthday girl has received 20 kisses, the male stripper makes his entry. He performs a Full Monty Show for her and gives her the 21st kiss.

Timing Birthday Party Male Strippers

Since 21st Birthday Parties turn into a medieval battlefield after 10pm, it is a good idea to get the stripper over and done by then. Here are a few factors to throw in the mix when choosing the time for a Birthday party male stripper.

The DJ is a friend of the family

In this case you need to make sure that you get the stripper in before he is totally plastered. Nothing worse than a DJ that is over familiar with the Birthday girl. Worst of all during a stripogram. As such amateur DJs love the sound of their own voice, you can bet on him giving a full comentary of the stripogram step by step…. It usually goes a bit like this:
” And now tha strippa is rubbing his muscles gently against Mary’s back side… Oh yeah … Magic Mike baby!”

The Party includes an aunt with the nameĀ Sister Joseph

In the case of clergy being present, it is good idea not have the stripper in during their presence. Or mention Tuam. You can wait till this blessed kind heads off to say their prayers. Make sure to time their prayers with the stripogram just to keep the sins under control. In other words wait till the people that have an issue with themselves are gone.

When is the food being served?

While loads of people will find a group of young ones shaking cocktail sausages in their hands funny, it is better to avoid it. You male stripper will not appreciate you throwing food on his expensive outfit. Time the stripogram before or after the food.

How drunk is the Birthday Girl

Generally speaking the Male Strippers will not perform for guest that cannot walk or talk. So make sure that you get a Birthday Party Stripper to come at a time that the Birthday Girl is still responsive. On the other hand inviting a male stripper to perform for a crowd that is stone sober is an equally bad idea. So get the balance right. Tipsy and shaking booty to the music are good signs.

Who is responsible for dealing with the Male Stripper

Make sure that the contact person that you gave to the Stripper Agency is present on the Birthday Party. It kinda goes without saying. At the same time there is a great possibility that the person that was meant to deal with the stripper has already passed out. Try and get a second more mature option as an organiser. Just in case the first person uses the name Tequila as their nickname on Snapchat.

Whatever you do, remember the Birthday Party Male Strippers are there to entertain the Birthday Girl. Shoving your butt in their face will not get you a free stripogram.

Call now, regret later šŸ˜‰

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