Carrick on Shannon Strippers – The Premier League of Stags

Carrick on Shannon Strippers: The part of the party that no Stag can avoid

The best party in Carrick on Shannon?
Defo the one that includes the Carrick on Shannon Strippers. The years of recession forgot about this riverside town. Money or no money, the lads want a stag party. Obviously the Shannon side offered shelter and stripograms that came straight out of the wildest dreams .

Stag parties in Carrick on Shannon

You might have found out that the prices have gone up, and the town is too busy even for a gang of stags. Even with that touch of negative publicity, Carrick on Shannon does stags like no other place. The truth is that the locals are prepared for the mayhem and deal with it well. On the other hand you will find some complaints from the locals. But the amount of stags that go cross the line of civilised partying is only a minority. You also need to bear in mind that the surrounding area is full of amazing spots for enjoying nature. Angling, river cruising or simply goofing around in the countryside should and does counteract the indoor partying. Strippers, shots, and shenanigans that’s what the Shannon river sings about.

Divorce Parties in Carrick on Shannon

These parties are coming back in fashion. They used to be the trademark of the years of the Celtic Tiger. Excess was the name of the game, and Irish men played it well. Nowadays it is more about closing a chapter in style. The born again singles accept the support of their close friends…and why  not strippers in Carrick on Shannon. Stripograms are a message that clearly says ‘ …single, mingle, enjoy the ride’. Or anything else that one wants to get out of a fully nude show.

Boys’ Christmas party

Another reason that might bring a crew of men to this adult playground is the Christmas Party. Male dominated professions are back making the dough. Indeed construction companies, maintenance crews and landscaping workers are back changing the face of Ireland. Who makes the real money is a topic for a different blog. At the same time there is enough cash left for a Christmas bash in Carrick on Shannon. Live music and Santa’s Helpers in sexy lingerie are there for the taking.

Birthday Parties …..and guess what?

Yes you heard it right. Strippers Ireland has plenty of amazing ladies to entertain your favourite birthday boy. Leitrim is ideal for a weekend escape for a 21st, 30th or even 60th birthday party. The right ingredients for an epic party are all there. Strippers Ireland has never seen, the best bars and restaurants and amazing scenery to calm the nerves the morning after.

What ever you poison … Carrick on Stag has it on the go

With so many professional dancers performing in this Stag and Hen playground, it is normal that they will hit Murtagh’s Nightclub, when the festive season calls. Furthermore, from May onward, weather permitting, the beer gardens of the likes of Murtagh’s, Dunne’s Bar and other watering holes also hold BBQs live outdoor music sessions. The beer will flow and the craic is wide open.

Our Strippers are present everywhere.  You will see them working hard on the dance floors of the many venues that dot the streets of Carrick on Shannon. You can also find them on board the river cruises, upsetting the calm waters of river Shannon. The mental state of the Stags  will also suffer a severe blow.

Is this future husband sure about the end of his careless days?

The Carrick on Shannon strippers have put together a hard test. A butt in the Stag’s face will remind him that those saucy Instagram photos are nothing compared to the real squat booties of professional dancers.Their well trained bodies can perform acts that the Stags should not try at home… unless their girlfriend is a stripper.

For a special show, our dancers will team up in steamy lesbian shows. Longer than your normal stripogram the show is worth every penny.

On the other hand the dominatrix show is also a great success with the lads. Honestly nothing beats a spanking session from a scantily dressed lady. All that, while  the rest of the stags are laughing their heart out at the expense of the poor husband to be.

Book Now  the Carrick on Shannon Strippers for a bootilicious delicious surprise on  your stag night.

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