Famous Strippers that marked the world

Life: Famous strippers teach it for free

Strippers are the ladies of the night? But are they really. Is the striptease industry just another section of the showbiz world, or a fast escalator to stardom? There are many occasions in ancient history where famous strippers that provided entertainment in some state of undress made to the top. But the last 100 or so years have given us some prime examples of such stratospheric rise to power. One cannot just dismiss the beauty, the booty and the courage of women that fought their way in the world. As it happens, their journey went through the dim lit corridors of stripper stages. As far as achievements go, starting from the bare butt minimum and finishing off with a heap of successes does require a round applause.

Actually, we are all striving for the same things. Happiness, validation and the means to achieve it. Some have a nice stash of one or more of the above. This way they start with an advantage. It’s like a marathon but 20% of the runners start a few miles down the road. And if you have the fortune of having none of the above but the mighty Lord blessed you with natural beauty, then you shed your shell and let your beauty shine. As a matter of fact, when that happens, a good proportion of the famous athletes in the race will stop to admire the contents of your soul.

Gypsy Rose Lee

famous strippers

Many a club, bar or dive bear this famous name. She was the one of the pioneers of strip tease. Burlesque was illegal in the 1920s but that didn’t stop Gypsy to get to the top. With 3 marriages under her belt, she amassed a mountain of gold and fame. After that she sat on top of that mountain and made sure to help other women on that path. She also lend her support to striking workers, which led to a surge of men attending the demonstrations. She also played in a long list of Hollywood movies and TV shows.


Lili St. Cyr

famous strippers

This stripper Goddess is of special interest as for many she was the inspiration and role model for Marilyn Monroe. Actually for some their friendship moved from holding hands to holding other things during their rumoured affair. Each other’s confidence I suppose.

Blonde, voluptuous with an fetish for marriages ( she had 6 ex-husbands) and a love for cats, she was the most famous woman in Montreal throughout the 40s and the 50s’. When it came to actual material wealth she kinda blew it away having a smashing time and …well loads of affairs.
She did leave behind her a lingerie business that provided sexy panties for bored housewives and strippers alike.


Kellie Everts

famous strippersAs a matter of fact, her real name is Rasa Von Werder and she was not just a stripper. She was a bodybuilder competing at the same time as the mighty Arnold and held a good few titles.

In the pantheon of famous Strippers, she holds a special place as she is the head of her own church. Her earlier years mixed striptease with bodybuilding and now she holds the title of Guru Rasa of the Church of MotherGod.

Preacher of the Divine Feminine she also hold the title of the ‘Progenitor of Body building’ and in 2007 entered their hall of fame.



Carmen Electra

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As a rule very few celebrities are proud of their stripping career. Carmen was a stripper before Prince discovered her and launched her to stardom. And from her singing career she kept running alongside Pamela Anderson. Simply because just one pair of bouncing titties is just not enough for an American soap opera.

She still takes to the stage for fun. Also she sells poles for strippers on amazon, so she is definitely not abandoning her previous colleagues.

Make no mistake, stripping is just like any other skill. You might have left the business but the body has a memory of it’s own. Once the music starts playing the butt knows where to position itself.


Cardi B

famous strippers

There are quite a few ex-strippers that have hit headlines the last couple of years. Amber Rose, Blac Chyna, Azalea Banks and Lady Gaga …they all have passed through a few miles of poles.

But nobody is as proud and loud as Cardi B. Complete with court cases and strip club brawls the rapper is honest about the perks of dancing. ‘Sh’money’ she pronounces with a Bronx accent and giggles. And indeed, green is the fuel of the stripping life.
A proud stripper with no regrets she still keeps it real. And with platinum albums on her back all she has to do is to put on those stripper heels every once in a while to keep the Instagram feed blazing


One wonders every now and then, if these famous ex strippers would be as vocal about their past if they did some kind of mundane job. Like working in a bank, or selling lottery tickets. Would they proudly wear their uniform of waged slavery with the same pride.

Would they send love and kisses to other humans that still toil day in day out fully clothed in some dim lit office?

But do such normal 9 to 5-ers ever reach stardom? Do the normal people ever dream of the stars. And who the **** decides normal anyway? Make it rain motha****!

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