Multi-talented strippers for hire in Ireland

Yogis, Clowns and Strawberry pickers Strippers for Hire

Striptease is a vocation. One might think of it as a full time job or full time lifestyle. Sadly, as the years of a stripper are similar to the years of a soccer player, alternative options are necessary. Strippers in Ireland are like the Irish bees. Sun, rain or snow they bring a buzz to the stag parties and birthday parties. And a bit of a sting if stags have a tipping desire that exceeds their wallet size. Strippers for hire is the most common google search for the lads out on a stag. They won’t have to search for too long as the market is full of exotic creatures that are for fun and shmoney.

So, what happens when the striptease demand take a plunge. If you are a full time stripper, here are a few part time jobs that you might need to consider.

Yoga master stripper

Also know as nude yoga. It combines the flexibility of a stripper performance with amazing breathing techniques. Stripper train a lot. At the same time they deal with all kind of stressful situations displaying a totally Zen attitude. Groom to be shows up in a mankini? Zen. Bride to be turns out to be a lesbian? Zen. They are ideal yoga teachers and will motivate a group of men …like a stripper.

Strawberry picking and other gardening duties

Heavy farming work is not what one thinks of when stilettos and thongs are the main tools of the trade. Strippers for hire can also turn into hands for hire. Well used to making tenner disappear, their light fingers can work their magic while picking strawberries. Milking cows is another job that would make use of their well trained fingers. Sadly that job is left to machinery.

Lollipop lady strippers

Not exactly what the parents might approve of. At the same time we can guarantee you that if any of our strippers took up the job, traffic would stop magically everywhere.

Hip- hop artists

This one has been done many times before. Versed in music and full of life straws, strippers for hire are the MCs of the future. Look at Cardi B sure.

Adult Clown Strippers for hire

A shocking experience that no man will ever forget. What happens when a half naked dancer wear a clown costume. Scary or sexy. If you ever think of some type of entertainment that will be remembered for generations to come, a clown stripper is your only man.

Door to door Sales stripper

We all find door to door salesmen annoying. Indeed, you are having your dinner or watching the match and the door knocks unexpectedly. But wait…you might have been expecting a baldy fella trying to sell you a useless lawn mower. An lo and behold, there is a sexy stripper trying to sell you a useless lawn mower.

Santa’s Helper

If you are thinking that believing in Santa at the age of forty is acceptable, you are 100% spot on. Santa does exist. He is fat, has a sack full of booze and his helper wears no bra. Welcome to a red red Christmas. Obviously this time the red nose reindeer will have something more to think about apart from Santa’s sack.

Airport Security

If Dublin airport employed female strippers, Carlsberg definitely did the recruitment. The airport search concept is reborn. Nothing likes a lengthy body search, with sensual explorations  that guarantee  a long term effect. For the moment such jobs are not available as yet, but hope dies last.

Poker dealers Strippers for hire

Topless poker dealers are the thing in Vegas. As a result, this type of employment is ideal for poker face strippers with speedy hand moves and a permanent smile. Ruthless ladies of the night make the most efficient dealers.

Home Care Strippers for hire

When a man reaches the tender age of over 80 he needs a helping hand. Strippers might seem like iron ladies, but deep in their heart they are kind and tender. So, if your grandpa needs some extra attention, a kind stripper can make sure that he takes his medication on time, and he is fed watered and…entertained. If you are really thinking of setting up such a prank on your golden aged members of your family make sure that they have no heart conditions.

Make up artists

Most strippers are really good at coming up with amazing make up for their performances. This skill is really useful for the ladies that want to spice up their nights out. Dressing up like stripper might not be for everybody or every night. But there are times when the expert advice of strippers is worth more than gold. If you want to leave lasting impression on your boyfriend or hubby, take some make tips from the strippers for hire in Ireland. On the other hand don;t get insulted if your boyfriend tries to shove a tenner down your thong ;).


It goes without saying that the above scenarios belong to the fantasies of our devoted creative team. If you would like to reenact any of the above scenarios, please fill in the contact form below. We will make sure that the performance will match your wildest imagination.



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