Limerick Strippers

Limerick Strippers: A siege to the senses

The stags should choose their destination based on the adventures it offers. The Limerick Strippers will tell you that the Munster area can offer a wide range of top class activities for your stag party. Golfing in Lahinch and Adare, festivals and Trad music, surfing in Ballybunion. You name it and there is a place in County Limerick that offers the same things at a better price than the rest of Ireland.

Limerick Strippers: hippy chicks to classy divas

During the Celtic Tiger years Limerick boasted 3 strip clubs. Strippers in Limerick were on high deamnd. The most known strip joint, Le Chic was a historic underground joint on Cecil St. With cheesy music from the 80s and a semi dodgy reputation, the last years of the club were clean and immensely funny. On top of the club there was a the famous Rafters gay bar and a goth metal club. The nights would end with all the rejects of the society dancing together to the sounds of Madonna unless there was a drag queen show on. In that case Celine, a Limerick drag legend would be belting out her soprano notes in a heavy Lim’rick accent. The other two clubs kept opening and closing according to the ebb and flow of the financial conditions of the county.

So Limerick has always had a strong local contingent of strippers. Local goth and rock girls mingled with eastern European dancers, shared sweets and fought over wealthy farmers. Once clubs closed down, most of these ladies joined reputable stripper agencies that still offer their services for Stag parties in Limerick and the occasional corporate event for the Uber associates.

Our Strippers have performed in all the venues, and know well all the country pubs. Stag nights and Birthday parties need that exotic intervention around 10pm. It is the only activity where the lads slow down on their pint mileage to enjoy the surprise eye-candy.

Stag party in Limerick

Stag in Limerick will need to be aware of the way this city accepts visitors. There is zero tolerance for fools. You can act the tourist all you want in the likes of Dublin or Killarney, but in Limerick you need to behave human. Most local pubs welcome Limerick strippers, but messy stags will end up having their Stag in the Chicken Hut. Btw , the later is a late night grub institution in Limerick that any stags will need to visit. A bit like KFC 20 years ago.

Leave the best for last…but after the kebab

Our sexy dancers will attack your imagination. They will oil the Stag like a duck ready for the oven. And then slide. This show needs a man that can withstand friction. The routines are designed not only to turn the Stag on, but also to get the lads into a tiptop partying mode. Naturally StripIreland offers only the best Limerick Strippers.

With a wide range of costumes and prop, our dancers are your best bet to get the lads roaring.

Book  our Strippers anytime of the day or night !

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