Waterford Strippers can’t cook for Stags..but..

Waterford Strippers – Eternal attractions

StripIreland offers the best Waterford Strippers in Waterford and county. Not just beautiful ladies, but professional performers that have earned their stripes through miles of poles. Our company is the oldest and best stag party entertainment agency in Ireland. When it comes to stag parties in Ireland, our strippers are the ones that make an experience stand apart. Maybe you have been craving for tequila flavoured slush puppies, but we don’t care about that. You can find a ton of delicacies in the Tramore amusement park, including you favourite 99 cone. On the other hand you will forget about those basic needs once you watch a live lesbian show with 69 being the key number.

We are fast and furious and most importantly highly discreet. From the moment you contact us, to the moment our strippers collect their thongs from the stags head, we will support you practically and emotionally. We will even share our knowledge of how to surprise the stag or keep the girlfriends away from your secret venue.

The Best Dancers in Waterford

We have built our sizeable crew of performers during the last 20 years. Unlike the construction industry, our company survived the recession intact. We have earned the name of the top stripper agency in Ireland because our clients just love us. And we , and our strippers love them back.

Our team is full of local and imported talent. When it comes to Waterford, we have built strong relationships with all the venues in town. So for us it will never be an issue to find you a venue you in Waterford. Even venues that don’t normally do stags will open their doors once we are able to recommend you.

So you book a stripogram in Waterford with us and you will experience the hospitality of the sunny side. Bottoms up we say and bottoms we have plenty.  Simply because we only hire the best entertainers in Ireland. At the same time we are aware that there are imitations in the striptease world like in any other field. But that doesn’t matter because in the world of naughty entertainment charm and class set us apart from the rest. So when you get a cheaper stripper you will be getting a cheaper memory from your stag night in Waterford.

Sexy & Exotic Waterford Strippers for Stag parties

We specialise in turning your stag into a well planned event. Even if it is the very first stag you are organising our well drilled agents will make sure that you will deal with your best friend’s stag like pro.

Here are a few things to keep in mind

Are you in a hotel or private accommodation?

It matters because hotels can be picky when it comes to letting a nurse in high heels marching through their lobby.  Worry not little stags, because we have a ton of central places where you can embarrass your future convict. Leave the venue up to us!

Is the stag gay or just pretending to be?

In the first instance we have amazing male strippers for the fellas that have climbed the “Broke Back Mountain”. In the second situation, the wannabe prudes need a bit of gentle persuasion.  Our Strippers will be able to lure the shy guys into an armful of titillation. Who can say no to their favourite movie character?

Are you partying in the country?

We make sure to reach even the most distant cottages. If you have electricity is better, but even a candle lit room and a sturdy chair are enough for the performance.

What about deposits ?

What about them? Just joking. We are flexible that way. Unless you book in high season and you are not in the back arse of nowhere you can pay the lady on arrival.

Birthday party Strippers Ireland

Our Birthday party experts will have the right stripper for your type of celebration. Maybe Grandad is turning 80 and has already made his will. Or you best buddy is now 21 and you are aware of his Pornhub playlist. Whatever the age we have a sexy performer to wish him happy birthday and let him put a tenner in her knickers.

Waterford Strippers are not only hot and sexy but also mature and curvy. What is your type?

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