7 Ways to throw a top Stag Party Reunion

Stag Party Reunion – Strippers and Shots take No2

Upon returning from a Stag party in one of Ireland’s top drinking locations you will be raving about it to your buddies. Actually we bet our stripper heels that you will probably be missing the fun that you experienced. A stag party reunion pops to mind. As a matter of fact you will probably be texting your accomplices about getting together again. Soon you will say. Ahem. Never say we.

And there is a simple reason why stag party reunions don’t happen very often.

The motivation for a Stag Reunion is missing

How many times in your life have you put together a holiday or a weekend away where most of the crew are almost strangers. Never? But when it comes to stag party this is not an issue. Even though you might have to deal with a diverse group of lads, you still manage somehow to have a brilliant time. Why? Well the duty that you all have to send off your best buddy on his married journey in style supersedes all obstacles. Just talking about having a replay on the stag party is not enough. You need to find a good reason.  So where motivation is missing a reason…a valid decent one is needed.

There are a few good reasons that can make  a stag party reunion happen. But one thing you need to remember is …. the Groom. He was the binder in the recipe. The cement that made the construction easy. The mayo that made the chips palatable. The groom will be more than happy to join forces and escape from the loving care of the nest for the weekend. If the ladies of your life pose some opposition…all you have to say is ” But the groom deserves it surely”.

A good occasion could be the one year marriage anniversary.  In any case if you are to hold a successful Stag Party Reunion, you need to stage it around the groom.

One night of Freedom after one year of marriage

Surely, after one year of marriage bliss or bondage, the groom is allowed to go away for a weekend. This model works well if you set a date in advance. It doesn’t have to be the exact date of the stag party, but it helps if it is. At the same time it is a great opportunity for the rest of the crew to get away from it all. It usually helps if the crew can persuade the bridesmaids to hold a hen party reunion as well. Just to be fair.

Reunion House party

This works well if the lads know each other and come from the same area. Instead of packing bags and booking hotels, you choose the gaf of one of you that you can wreck. Usually the remaining singles in the group take care of the hosting. Also the Groom gets to choose the place. It is best done during the summer days, where a BBQ could turn into a fully blown party.

Active Weekend away reunion

This option works well if the location of Stag Party left a lasting impression on the group. Places like Connemara, Cork City or the Glen of Aherlow are not that easy to forget. This reunion idea works well if the group has a keen interest in some type of activity. Take paint balling for example. You do need a good crew to make paint balling fun. Furthermore you might have enjoyed a particular paint balling centre during your stag. So you simply get together the crew again and get down and dirty.

Stag Reunion for the Strippers  ….and the Strippers only

strippers for stags in IReland

Going to strip clubs on a nightly basis is not an Irish thing. On the other hand, hiring a stripper for a stag party in Ireland is more than acceptable. A stag party reunion is a perfectly valid reason to order strippers in Ireland. And since the last time you got a stripper to embarrass the groom, during a reunion he decides whom to “torture”. At the end of the day, the cost of a stripogram in a strip club in Ireland is much higher than a fully nude performance from a professional stripper from an agency. The quality is higher, and by using the same agency you used during your stag you will probably be getting a discount.

According to our experince, 9 out of 10 of the stag reunions in Ireland happen because you need some valid reason to get the strippers in. If you told your girlfriends and wives tha you are ging with your workmates to a stripclub there would be mayhem. But if you say that it is for a stag party reunion,  the reaction from your better half is between ” ah, well, go on so” and “sure can I pick one then”.

Location of your Naughty Reunion

Returning to the crime scene is a favourite with reunions. While it works well for some classic locations like Killarney and Cork, you might explore other locations in Ireland. Let’s say that you had your stag in Limerick. A good alternative would be to head for a long weekend to the likes of Lahinch for the reunion. This way you end up exploring Ireland bit by bit. On the other hand you need to think of the time available. A long weekend would suit better a family getaway. It is a good idea to have a fire-starter in your group. He would be the guy that will make sure the Whatssapp group is alive and well with dirty videos, reminders and  stripper photos. Actually you might find a new location that suit your needs. You can always use the opportunity to scout these places for upcoming stag parties.

Cost…this is a bit tricky

As you probably know, during a Stag the groom goes free. But what happens during a stag reunion? Do the lads chip in so that the freshly married man that has been saving like mad for the mortgage gets a night out for free. Or do you stick to your rounds and keep it fair and square. A middle ground approach works best. Take the stripper fee. You could still split the bill but the the groom gets a free lap dance.

Stag Party Reunion as a divorce party in disguise

As the rates of divorces in Ireland have skyrocketed in the last few years, there is a good chance that the newly married stag will find himself single soon. In this case the Divorce party might include the last stag crew. While the event of separation is stressful, the party to celebrate the newly found freedom should not spare any expenses. At the end of the day nothing can bring a smile to ones face like a stripogram and bottle of vodka do.


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